Mike Bernskoetter

Mike Bernskoetter

429 W. Miller Street
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I believe God is the creator of life and I believe that life is precious at all stages. I am committed to advancing and protecting a pro-life agenda in office.

The life of an unborn child should be protected and defended. Each child deserves the right to life and I will continue to do everything possible to ensure their protection.


Growing up, I was influenced by teachers that cared about me. Empowering teachers to provide our children with a high quality education is one of the most important functions of government. The State of Missouri should do everything in its power to reward the most skilled and talented teachers to keep them in our classrooms and give students the greatest chance of success. |

I am passionate about improving the quality of our schools. As a six-year member of the Helias School Board, I have tremendous confidence in our teachers, administration and students. As a state representative, I have voted to sustain or raise elementary and secondary each year I have served.

The 21st century demands well-educated individuals to fill the highly technical jobs of the future. I support the use of an advanced curriculum and technology in classrooms to make sure our children are prepared to be the leaders and innovators of the future and to be competitive in our global economy. In higher education, I'm an advocate for both technical and liberal arts instruction.



There is a rich tradition among many families in mid-Missouri of hunting and gun ownership. Spending time outdoors and hunting with my family are some of my most treasured memories. Every Missourian should have that opportunity. I firmly believe that we should be able to protect ourselves and enjoy firearms. I will soundly reject any legislation that infringes on our constitutional right to own firearms.


My wife, Jeannette, and I have been small business owners for more than 25 years. We understand the importance of family-supporting jobs in our local economy. State government should do everything possible to remove restrictions that inhibit the creation and expansion of our small businesses.

The economy continues to be tough right now and many are looking to government to solve our problems. However, I think the most important thing government can do is minimize itself in the equation by keeping taxes and limiting burdensome rules that inhibit small business. Innovators of small business built America and we need entrepreneurs more than ever to get our economy going again.


Energy needs to be an issue that is at the forefront of us all. We are beholden to the Middle East for most of our oil needs. Our current energy policy is a disaster as we continue to transfer our wealth overseas to meet our energy demands.

We need to use the resources we already possess, responsibly, while exploring all sources of energy, including domestic oil and coal. We cannot ignore our resources. I think nuclear power and alternative forms of energy needs to continue to be a part of the discussion as well. I strongly encourage the General Assembly and governor to support the idea of making mid-Missouri


Missourians should not rely on the government for health care, but instead have the choice of health care plans that meet their needs at prices they can afford. It's important for business owners to be able to join together to purchase health care for themselves and their employees. I urge free market solutions to our health care problems.


I was raised on a farm and understand that Missouri's a leader in the agriculture industry. The value, the work ethic, the ingenuity of our family farms is unparalleled.

In during drought years such as this one, family farms ground our community and help us all realize the importance of having some kind of connection to the food we eat. I believe in empowering family farms and making sure that our children will be able to stay in farming to carry on the very proud tradition we have here mid-Missouri. I will fight to keep our farms important for our local economy now and into the future.




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